A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to P.T Port Project. I'm the creator of "Corridors" on gamejolt. On corridors i created the P.T hallway myself using BSP brush in UE4. 

On "P.T Port Project" i'm using the real ported assets from P.T itself. Here you can keep track on the project.

The "P.T Port Project" is developed in Unreal Engine 4 / 4.18.3v

Project team member:

RizkyDP - In charge of porting the models & setting up all of the materials/textures.

You can check out my tech demo of "Corridors" at https://gamejolt.com/games/Corridors/299612

Install instructions

This is the first build 0.0.1. In this build you can only walk around in the hallway. More to come in the next build. 


Forward - W
Backwards - S
Left - A
Right - D
Zoom - X


0.0.1.rar 225 MB

Development log


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Hi good people, and to you SmoggyChips!
I know i'm incredible late to the party, but is there any chance of getting hold of the asset files again for this project?

The Reddit link is dead :(


I noticed your downloadable says, "0.0.1" and on gamejolt.com it says 0.0.3 (and is a larger download), is the download for your game on THIS site the most current one?

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for all the hard work you did.   Take care Smoggy!


Thank you for the kind words  deadahead, and thank you for being active on here, it means alot. The future will bring good things in the end


ok ! Sorry...

Good luck in your life, Take Care Smoggy!

Yes we know... This project canceled guys. Due to leaks..

the best pt remake :https://gamejolt.com/games/otherworlds/326239

It is sooo gooodd


are you still under developing?


I made a version of the whole game for android but I want the original models

That's awesome!

Do you know how I can get the original models to implement it in my game?

There's a link down below to reddit where Smoggychips made the assets available to everyone


here you are theese are original models...

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are the unreal files are all the mesh separated I want the original fmdl to use them use unity


PT for Android 

sorry if I do not write well but I do not speak english I use the google translator    :v

they always ask me how to solve the puzzle 2

did you finished developing it? I installed the beta version 3 and it has some critical issues:

  • no way to save your progress.
  • no way to pause it or exit the game or going back to the main menu after pressing start.
  • some issues with the controllers.

please answer.

where can I follow you on the internet? I have many questions.

Yo I know this stuff is pretty old, but where can I download that?

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Wow I didn't expect someone to come here to this page, anyway I don't know if you gonna read this but it looks like that the dev of the android port is dead lol, seriously looked everywhere and couldn't find anything no twitter or Facebook page nothing at all.

Anyway, this is the download lind for the Android port the beta 3:


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NOTE: Guys i do a prank

do not get me wrong

. Because of 1 April. :) I love this project so i do a prank... 


Im so sorry about this. This day is not 1 April but im going to a vacation for 5 days.

I love the pranks.

So im Sorry ! Forgive me;





Im waiting this project forever SmoggyChips.......

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YEAH. The last update was   made 51 days ago. I do not lie. I expect you to do something now smoggychips ... All of your fans waiting this game. And you don't do any update about this game. Im out of this project sorry SmoggyChips. I am go away from this project..........


Give it a rest and stop being impatient. There is literally two guys working on this project... do us all a favour and to quote you "go away" from this project cause you are extremely irritating.

Not to mention they are working on this without any financial support, during their free time.


Man, this effort is incredible.  Please ignore the  impatient and ungrateful comments and know that there are users out here who totally respect and value your work!  Thanks so much for sharing!  You have insane talent!


I think you stopped working?? (You don't do anything.)


Hello Smoggy! kudos to you and the dev team, this thing is outstanding. I don't have a ps4, never played the actual PT sadly, but you've nailed it man. Im a great fan of the Silent Hill series and felt so sad when PT got scrapped. Can't wait for the project to be finished. If there is anything you need let me know. Also, imagine if this could be made compatible with VR; people literally crapping themselves  :D

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Hey, can you please give me the hallway files, no blueprints or audio or anything, I just and just need the hallway. Please? With the paintings etc, and the correct lightning. Please.

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I've given it out to the whole community for them to keep on building. Here you go https://www.reddit.com/r/silenthill/comments/7uz8ce/giving_out_the_pt_ported_pro...


This one doesn't have things like the paintings, and some stuff like the candies etc. The lightning is also a bit off, kindly upload the latest version of the hallway!


im bored when do you do a update or video ??? :(((

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Can you make a video on youtube channel to show this project as you did corridors?


I can make a video, but as so far i've stiched the level up without recording it. So it's not much to show on level design. But i can try to record stuff when i do things on the project. Ill see what i can do. Thanks for the questions yagizoyunda51

not at all...      But i want to see project video (to what is going on)

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So my biggest question is, will it have the puzzles?

Such as the red fast moving room with the hole, the writing on the wall puzzle, or even just collecting picture pieces of Lisa.

I'm just curious as to if this is just walking around, or if there are objectives like in the real PT


Hey, all i can say on that one is maybe. I have to see. My goal is to have the levels all done. With scares etc. Gameplay wise it's going to be hard to nail what they did in the real P.T remember they were a big team of professionals. But maybe something a little bit simpler. That have to come later tough.


smoggychips whwn are you going back (is this project canceled???)


Hello. I'm back. It's still under devoloping

when do you update


When i get a build ready? Just came home, give me some time bud


ok :)))

im still wait this game 

Because its sooooo goooood

when are you going back


Please do not stop with this project, it is already incredible!

I had so much fun playing this! I can't wait for more :D

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Are you canceled the game ??!!

You don't answer the questions.

He stated earlier he's on vacation for 38 days.

oh noo

i must wait 38 days ?!?!?!


Don't worry, as soon as he come back I'll discusses with him, but from assets readiness (model and texture), it's 95 % converted

Hey man, I played corridors, have a video on my youtube channel, heard you lost it all.  Happy you are going again with this, we need this in our live, keep it up, as difficult as it may be, the work is being apreciated and excited for.

I made a recording of this game a week ago, but the video went up today!

I am actually proud of the work you have done here to make the game, what it is right now! I played 2 versions of this and and that includes the Tech Demo and the latest build on this page.

Here is my video, in case you wanted to know my thoughts on the game: 

(I called the video "Corridors" because that was the initial name you gave the game and I must say that the name is very clever because the game is pretty much a corridor or a never ending corridor. I think you should keep the name, unless it has been taken....)

Huge fan of this project! Been waiting for something like this, as I never got to play PT at the time it was up on the PS Store. Big Silent Hill fan and I have to say this is looking fantastic. I only have one tiny thing that kinda' stuck out to me and didn't feel like it really fit, and that's the jumping mechanic. It's well done and all, but I just don't think it fits the gameplay that PT has to offer. PT was a pretty basic game in terms of player control and being able to jump just doesn't serve any real purpose within the game. Other than that very minor issue(?) with the game, it looks and plays great. I can't wait to see the final product.

Wait, there's a jumping mechanic in his demo...? The character can actually jump? That's definitely not good, I completely agree with you.  


The jumping mechanic is going to be removed. No worries. Thank you for that. Glad to see you are looking for the final product

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Anythyng but looking forward to this! You and your partner are doing a fantastic job. I principally writte this asking if you have planned open a site were we can donate to you. Thanks for the amazing job that you are doing!

So my biggest question is, will it have the puzzles?

Such as the red fast moving room with the hole, the writing on the wall puzzle, or even just collecting picture pieces of Lisa.

I'm just curious as to if this is just walking around, or if there are objectives like in the real P.T.

Either way, I'm downloading the finished project :)

Where is the clock and phone and lisa's photo

when build 2 will come out

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It will be released once i'm done with the new loop system. It's currently WIP. But the new loop should be more smooth, instead of moving the players to a new map, i'm making 4 clones of the whole structures/hallway in one singel map. That way you won't experience lag that i had problems with on "Corridors". Once the player goes trough the passage door, they will be moved to the desired location. I hope this will work more smoothly. The only problem that i need to fix, is the player roation, the player currently dosen't face the right way when moved to the location. I think it's an easy fix anyhow

tell me, when to get out


Please continue working on this project! As time passes, just keep building on it. I heard about what happened with Corridors, but it's fine because you're now working on this. What is your end goal? What will the final product look like? Maybe you could create a special part of the game where the player goes upstairs! Whatever you decide to do, just PLEASE keep this game as scary as the original 2014 game. Thank you!


I will keep working on this project 100 %, just finished the underground part (start) and passage part (end) of the level. So the level is almost done. Needs some fine touches to it. But it's playable now, that means adding in the story :)


But i love the graphics its same with the p.t you are very good developer. You must add some events/jumpscares to build 1.


First video by me. 

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Don't get upset with criticism and dont cancel the game. This game will be perfect 


I know you lost all your work, but how long do you think before you add some of the events that were in the previous build before you switched sites? Love the demos! Keep it up, this game should not be allowed to die.


Hey, well in 0.0.2 events/scares will be added. The project is only 2 days old. So i'll do my best to give you some great scares and events.

When will be out 0.0.2


Awesome! Can't wait!

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I think you should add a bit more stuff for build 1. It is too short, already anybody pt. 's interface so you could add a jumpscare. For example, you would do something like punity. It's missing, but if you fix it in build 2, I'm happy. So most followers were waiting for this game. And it was not enough to take our enthusiasm. Sorry about this but i don't like build 1


I understand.. but i'm going to vacation on monday. And ill be gone for 38 days. The reason i wanted to release 0.0.1 is for you to see what's going on in the making of it before i'm leaving.. In the next build i'm going to add events/jumpscares, maybe i can add some events before i leave on monday. Thanks for the honest feedback

I say one thing. 

Will Build 1 get out on Saturday or Sunday?

It will actually get released in less that 2 hours :)


omg im very happy now 

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Haha i'm glad. You can download it now on the front page :)

Is there a jumpscare in the game or just a short build to be able to look around

Please! answer me

It's a build where you can walk and listen to the radio and others small sounds. For now that's all. No jumpscares :)


So excited to see how far this will go and I'm sure he will be an amazing developer!

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Thank you for the kind words! But rizkyDP is the one that helped me out. If not because of him i would not be able to make anything.. period.


When will be releas ?

I will release the first build before i'm heading to vacation. Ill be gone for 38 days... I will release during this weekend. 


I'm refreshing the page every second, see if there is an update


I pray 'out please' every night to this game 

I think it is be perfect

First build will release this weekend



Looking good so far. Please for the love of god do not cancel this project. Always wanted to play PT but never downloaded it. 

Let's pray, and make this come true