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Wow, this looks pretty accurate!!

Do you plan on making it the exact portage of the demo, or add your own elements?


I'm planning to rebuild the whole level as accurate as possibal. Story wise i want it to start as it dose in P.T. But i want to add in some different things to it, because i want you to get a good scare while playing. If you have any ideas to what i could do story wise please feel free to share them with me :)

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Well I'll think about it! How about some of the stuff from the 2014 TGS trailer? 

I'm wondering: how were you able to use material from the PS4 playable teaser and use it on PC? Those being two different platforms, I'm puzzled...

Well they did datamine the game, getting all of the textures/materials from the P.T demo. Now i don't know their process on how they did it. But all of the textures just simply works, when it comes to textures and materials i have very little knowledge on this field. 

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I'm Rizkydp in charge porting model, texture and setting up the material, as far as I know, fox engine is using PBR workflow and what I have to do is figure out how those texture plugged into UE4 material node, so we don't use shader from fox engine instead I create a match clone as close as possible with available shader in UE4


Gee, this is quite technical business, way above my league!

hello do you have the original fmdl files yet? Could you pass them to me? I made a full version of the game for android and would like to do it again but with the original models I use unity